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Trade Shows...
When you take your business on the road, you want to take with the highest quality designs possible.
Whether you need backlit displays or traditional posters, our custom design work will give your clients and potential clients a lasting positive impression.

View a Sample Trade Show Booth Design...
Click on the image to the right to view a sample of a custom designed trade show booth. While we have designed a number of trade show booths, we have photos of only a few. The booth in the photo was set up in France at an international trade show.

Comprehensive Booth Design...
Posters, brochures, sell sheets, business cards; these are just a few things to consider when planning a trade show booth. At Firefly we're detail oriented and will help you plan for a successful trade show event.

Contact us...
We would be happy to meet and discuss design options for your upcoming trade show. Click here to contact us and set up a meeting today!